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Devon Hearingcare provides an outstanding lifetime aftercare programme to every customer, tailored to you and your hearing needs.

We believe a comprehensive aftercare programme is essential to help you get the best from your hearing and the new instruments. Our service includes:

  • Initial Hearing assessment
  • Un-limited fine tuning sessions
  • 6 monthly service & check up appointments
  • 2 Yearly Re-assessment & programming
  • Ear mould Re-tubing
  • Ultra-vac™ Hearing aid cleaning service

Once you have been fitted with your new hearing aid, you will meet again with your hearing aid audiologist around 2 weeks later to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the performance and programming of your digital hearing aid.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment at anytime to discuss any issues or changes to your hearing.


Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care