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  • Bose Personal Amplification DeviceDevice

    The Bose personal amplification device, called the Hearphone, is reported to have about 10 hours of battery life before it

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  • ReSound LiNX2 and ENZO2

    Another reason to look at newer Hearing aids we recommend every now and then to ask us what's new.


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  • Ding Dong!


    These hearing aids link to smart TVs, doorbells and smoke alarms so wearers never miss a beat

    The Oticon

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  • Smart hearing aids from ReSound which are made for Iphone

    There is a Smart Hearing aid for you

    We look at the ReSound hearing aid range of smart hearing aids.

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  • Earwax May Hold Potential for Robotics and Other High Tech Applications


    In a recent report in the U.S. ear wax seems to have some interesting properties that could benefit mankind

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  • Why over the counter hearing aids may not be a good thing

    When you have an appointment with Lynn Falzarano the audiologist at Devon Hearing Care, you know you will be in safe

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  • Hearing Aids: What to Look For

    Hearing aids vary in model, type, size and format. The type of aid you choose largely depends on the amount

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  • Phonak launches Bolero™ B-PR BTE and Virto™ B –Titanium

    Phonak has announced the extension of the Belong platform to the Bolero family of BTE hearing aids, including the lithium-ion

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  • Unitron Announces New Platform and World’s Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Instrument

    Unitron has announced “the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument in its class”, Moxi Fit R, built on Unitron’s newest platform,

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  • Oticon expands Opn with new Power Options and New Performance Levels

    Oticon has announced new additions to its award-winning Opn hearing aid.

    Unveiled as the world’s first internet connected hearing aid

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