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Devon Hearing Care offers hearing instruments at affordable prices to suit all budgets. We supply most makes and models of digital hearing instruments with considerable savings compared with many other hearing aid providers.

As a price guide, we have listed below the price ranges for the varying types of hearing instruments available. Please call if you require a quote for a particular model of hearing aid.

Behind the ear (BTE) £550 to £1,700
In the ear (ITE) full shell £600 to £1900
In the ear (ITE) half shell £600 to £1,900 In the canal (ITC) £650 to £1,900
Completely in the canal (CIC) £950 to £1,900
Invisible in canal (IIC) £1100 to £1,900

Prices include a 2 year manufacturers’ warranty and Devon Hearing Care always provide a full aftercare support programme to ensure that you are always getting the most from your aids.

All digital hearing aids have an automatic volume control (AVC) feature. This means that the aid will adapt to changing environments by adjusting the volume for the aid wearer automatically.

The aids in the higher price category have many other features included in the circuitry, such as; multi-channel, noise reduction, directional microphones, several different listening programs.

All these extra features can help with hearing in the most difficult listening situations. For example, conversation on a car journey or in a noisy environment.

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist will recommend the most appropriate hearing instruments to suit your particular hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budgetary requirements.

It can take time to adjust to new instruments, so all of our products are offered on a 30 day trial period. This allows you time to adjust to new sounds and to assesss the benefit of the aids fully in your own environment.


Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care Devon Hearing Care