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Ear wax removal

We offer two methods of wax removal at our Kingsbridge centre.

Removal of ear wax using the Propulse Irrigator

The Pro-pulse irrigator is a gentle ear irrigation system which uses water to dislodge and flush out any debris or wax. Water is directed towards the sides of the ear canal rather than the eardrum in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Removal of ear wax using Microsuction

A fine suction tube combined with a suction machine is used to remove the wax. The procedure is safe and painless, and can be carried out for people who may not be suitable for ear irrigation, for example, a person with a perforation to their eardrum.

Your safety is our main concern

Our Hearing Aid Audiologist has undertaken specialised training at Aston University and at the NHS and achieved competency in ear wax removal using these methods. Utmost care is used at all times to ensure your comfort and safety. Procedures are only carried out subject to your consent and all steps are explained along the way.


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